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Emerald City 城市一座祖母綠

In the hustling and bustling lanes of Linsen North Road stands a towering tree with a height of over 16 meters, carrying the history and stories. Walk along the church to the top of the building to have a view over the treetop. The gentle breeze sways the trees, endowing the land with nourishment and profoundness, from which our design concept of “With One Tree, A Forest Can Be Acquired” was inspired.

A pot of good tea under an old tree is just like the retro scene of a Sanheyuan’s courtyard, where a tearoom is positioned under old trees, paired up with transparent

French windows and atrium to welcome the incoming sunlight. The green glasses

overlapped with direct sunlight make you feel as if you’re in the green forest, graceful and natural.

林森北路繁榮巷弄內,一棵50尺古樹參天的老靈魂,乘載著歷史與故事,延著教會走到樓頂在樹梢上的視野,徐徐微風吹動樹蔭搖曳,賦予這片土地養分及安定, ”留下一棵樹, 擁有一座森林” 的設計概念展開

在古樹下沏一壺好茶: 如同在三合院前的老景,將茶室坐落在古樹下, 透明玻璃帷幕與天井迎合日光,片片的綠玻透過疊層,猶如進入森林的色光,優雅自然


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