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Exoticism & Localization 異境意近

The space styles are vividly interpreted with simple materials, thus enabling users to attain a minimalist feel based on its appearance. The deconstructed walls are combined with single-sided wallboard design as well as single-sided daily functionality, which perfectly separate the space in a neat manner. The space reserved under the low beam and story height produce perspective change of views, allowing lights to pass through the space.

The long narrow public space presents users with different life patterns. “The spatial design is to maximize the value of every corner of the space.”

With the retro and warm Pantone2006 themed color as the main hue of the whole space, together with the floor and walls paved with cave-rock-textured tiles, users will experience the ceremonial feel of the cave when entering. A splash of Moroccan red, like the red pearl of sunset at the ancient city of Marrakech, brings an exotic ambience to this space.

以單純的材料詮釋空間風格,回歸其視覺帶給使用者的感受,解構式牆體結合單面壁板設計及單面生活使用機能,俐落區劃空間,並在低樑下與行走高度,預留空間透視的視覺變化,使光線得以在區域間通透。 狹長的公區空間給予使用者不同滯留的生活型態,”空間設計即是在空間每個角落,創作最大使用價值”。 在復古且溫暖的Pantone2006主題色彩作為空間全區主色,與洞石質地鋪陳空間地壁,如同進入洞窟的儀式感空間, 一抹色彩斑斕的摩洛哥紅,如同馬拉喀古都夕陽風景,紅色珍珠之稱帶入異國色彩。


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