Quality Within Reach 丰川琢藏

Oriental Aesthetics: exquisite level of depth is introduced through shadows.

Its dedicate engraving of materials and texture splendidly highlight each corner, perfectly interprets delicate and detailed life qualities.

With the extension of oriental aesthetics atmosphere, material texture is used to create interior quality and simplify elevation division to structure the co-existence of real and virtual spaces.

The contour of ceiling divides the space and integrates functions of dining room with kitchen together.

All the electrical appliances in the kitchen are covered with humanistic stone texture, and the shadow of lamp shade is used to establish the poetics in the space.

The continuous flow of space from the public area in the living room to the private area is guided by the material of travertine and lights. Step out to the atmosphere of time formed by the corridor, and you will be greeted by the aesthetics of end scenery. The view of one layer after another is just like the art performance and display that never ends.

Before entry to the private area, vision is extended through the contour of ceiling and wall.

The design also solves the height of equipment function at the same time.

It vaults the space in the master bedroom and engraves the layer of the ceiling.

The elevation of the cabinet is equipped with the function of hidden handle in an amazing way of presentation.

Oriental aesthetics are re-presented in essential simplicity.

東方美學 , 透過陰翳 , 引入細膩層次

材質肌理的細緻刻化 , 精彩每個角落


續東方美學的氛圍,利用材質紋理營造空間質感,簡化立面分割, 架構出空間實虛之間的共存。

天花板造型區劃空間,將餐廳.廚房機能串聯,以人文氣息的石皮紋理包覆廚房電器量體,並以燈罩光影氛圍詩意空間, 客廳公區到私領域的動線,以洞石材質及燈光引領,步出廊道的時光流域, 接著而來的端景美學,視覺層層疊影, 從未終止的藝術展演。


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