The Culture Carried On 擁書萬卷的傳承

Furniture is the spirit of life that carries on a family.

Chair and sofa is the field where affections of families are gathered.

The origin was two retro bookcases

that forms the space where couples share their time in reading or where they have emotional exchange.

The solid and durable walnut brings a color of warmth and smoothness.

It extends the main color tone of the space, through subtle texture granting it the appearance of unity, matching with the ceiling, floor, and walls.

No excessive decorative volumes are applied in the space.

It is enriched solely by details and designs on the surface.

More subtle languages embellish the fineness of the space in ceiling and the walls

傢俱, 傳承於一個家族的生活精神

若為主人椅、沙發, 必為匯聚家族感情交流的場域


凝聚夫妻在空間閱讀時刻, 桌上情感的交流

結實剛硬胡桃木, 卻擁有溫潤的色彩

衍伸空間主要色調, 並給予附有細微肌理的天地壁材質搭配



無論在天花架構與壁面, 更多的細部語彙襯托空間細緻

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